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‘Portrait to Print’ WORKSHOP

A unique opportunity for those of you new to studio photography and those still a little unsure of their camera controls. This workshop is in association with CCS of Hampshire which is led by Keven Sandall and Keith Woodhouse, will provide a great balance between technical and practical advice on camera craft skills.

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 at ‘The Gallery’ Glendale Farm Whiteparish Hampshire


Glendale Farm Post Code: SP5 2QW


On the A36 from Southampton to Salisbury - Google Map Link Will be provided upon booking and payment


9:30 am - 4:30pm


£89 per person

Note: A little ‘tricky’ to spot the turning but as you are travelling from Southampton, look out for the Whiteparish turning on your right and the very next turning on the bend to Glendale Farm.



Please bring your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. If you also have an external flashgun (speedlight) then this may be helpful, but not essential. When enquiring with us please state what make and model of camera you plan to bring. The integrated pop up flash may also be helpful if you do not own an off-the-camera flash. Lens: anything from 50-120mm (or your kit lens)


Please contact us via email to confirm your booking and payment will be required via bank transfer.




contact Keith - use contact form >

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The day will consist of a mixture of technical screen explanations (theory) together with plenty of practical exercises using a studio flash setup. We will look at introducing a single light(s) and reflector setup  together with how to pose the model. We will explore strobe (flash) lighting and also continuous lighting, both indoor and outdoors. Everyone will have an opportunity to shoot and assist others during the day.

The latter part of the day will be a discussion and demonstration on printing your best image from the day. We will discuss the importance of profiling and paper choice. You will be offered a mounted print from the day’s activities.

Questions: Please email us with your queries


‘Know your Camera’ - 16th February 2019.

Look out for this one day workshop going back to basics and hopefully moving you away from the 'green' auto button and getting more creative with your camera.

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