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Photography for me is ……
Well I’ve always tried to have fun with my photography and I have to say I get as much fun from the post production as I do from actually taking the picture. Since I rarely have projects that require a ‘fast workflow’ like a wedding for example, I prefer to spend time ‘tweaking’ till it’s right!

My background is army and local authority. Learning to ski in the army allowed me to take up a career teaching on the local dry slope before drifting into management. But running like a thread through it all was my camera. Harking back to the days of Kodak Brownie with 127 roll film and those great little 110 cartridge instamatics (remember those little viewers that your slides came back in?) leading up to Zenith, Olympus and my Nikon FE2 and now into digital with my Nkon D750. What a journey!

So now in retirement I enjoy teaching photoshop skills and designing web sites – take a look>

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We photographers are always interested in what the ‘other guy’ is using (aren’t we!). So here goes..

Currently ‘sporting’
Nikon D750
Nikon Z 7 ii
Photoshop CC 2023 

(No Macs here!)

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