20-A1-1052 De-constructing Turner 20-A1-1291 Left Leaning Lady 20-A1-1802 The Rock Pool 20-A1-4000 Cowboy Joe
20-A1-6292 Farm Art 20-A1-6308 Soviet Sailor 20-A1-7800 Titan 20-A1-8020 Awaiting Springs Thaw
20-A1-8057 Divided We Stand 20-A1-8293 Time for Home, Dad 20-A1-8340 Bryony 20-A1-8544 Holly
20-A2-4000 Preacher John 20-A2-5727 Frosted Grasses and Pines 20-A2-5753 Here Comes the Light 20-A2-6710 The Edge of Reason
20-A2-6934 Memories 20-A3-1052 Always There 20-A3-4000 Remembering Ada 20-A3-4232 Raymond
20-A3-6934 Pearl 20-A3-7586 The Coin Maker 20-A3-8327 Quarrymans Hut 20-A3-8624 Lonely Tree
20-A4-5821 Wreathed 20-A4-6164 Entwined 20-A4-8020 Willstrop at Full Reach 20-A4-8544 I Am She, She Is Me